Generally I was satisfied with the results however I have some concerns about the south facing fascia board (which was difficult to paint) having the contracted number of 2 coats. Doesn't look like 2 coats were applied from my inspection but I could be wrong. Rest of the painting results were excellent.

Martin K. | Beaverton, OR
September 8, 2017

very satisfidied

Gerda K. | Portland, OR
September 8, 2017

Jorge and team were very professional, on time, proactive and responsive to any suggestions I had throughout the process. Also the team managed through record breaking heat during the entire job.

Theresa & Kurt S. | Portland, OR
August 11, 2017

They did a great job! They were very polite and helpful.

Paul H. | Beaverton, OR
August 9, 2017

Very good Job!

John H. | Beaverton; Beaverto, OR
August 9, 2017

Outside of the painters, the painters did a really good job. It was very difficult to communicate with everyone except for the painters. The communication from the perosn that originally gave me the bid was hard. Just a little more communication would have been better but the guys did a really nice job.

Joe & Julie V. | Newberg, OR
July 24, 2017

Everyone I was in contact with, for this project was extremely courteous.

Donna C. | Beaverton, OR
July 22, 2017

The paint is wonderful and looks very well done, we're both pleased with the results.

Ted & Sylvia H. | Oregon City, OR
July 18, 2017

Very proffesional, very knowledgeable

Larry R. | Portland, OR
July 6, 2017

Got off to a rough start, with the crew prepping the wrong part of the house, but then the guys did a great job. Very nice work. Post job clean-up was incomplete.

James G. | Portland, OR
June 23, 2017